On one hand, it is a literal testament to blood (six wars, two intifadas, on-going terrorism); sweat (limited water supply, two-thirds of the land was desert and barren hills); and tears (children blown up on buses, citizens killed in rocket attacks, children murdered).

On the other hand, Israel has absorbed and settled millions of immigrants, is one of the largest exporters of fruits and flowers, has revived a centuries old language, and ranks third in the world in the number of university graduates per capita. Israel has produced numerous Nobel prize winners, has the highest per capita number of scientists in the world, and its high-tech industry is second only to California’s Silicon Valley.

Despite her remarkable progress and continuing attempts to make peace with her neighbors, Israel is the still the only country that not only must consistently defend to the international community of nations her right just to exist, but it is the only nation actually threatened with extinction by other countries.

Terrorists’ rockets rain down on Israeli citizens almost daily. The IDF cannot be everywhere, but you can help save the lives of innocent seniors, women, and children. How?

Become a partner with us. Your tax-deductible donations help us place transportable bomb shelters near schools, senior citizen homes, and even hospitals (often specifically targeted).

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Your gift to Americans For Israel broadcasts the truth about Israel and protects Israeli citizens ~ Jew, Arab, & Christian.

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